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IMPRIMO® Model Separator – application video

(brush comes with the 100ml bottle and is not sold separately)

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(brush comes with the 100ml bottle and is not sold separately)

1 review for IMPRIMO® Model Separator – application video

  1. Dr. Patrick Blum

    This is the best separator to make removable appliances on 3D printed models ! We do have a 3D Printer implemented in our orthodontic office lab and we used chemical separators from Dentaurum and Shera. The results were mixed, it smelled heavily and due to the strong chemical features, it did leave a smell on the appliances. With the Scheu Separator we have the best results, even better than on conventional stone models. No affect on the appliance at all, as it is water based. The others are not. It is easy to apply and we do not need to let it dry for an hour like the other separators. After hardening, the appliance is so easy to remove and the best quality check in removable appliances : Look at the palatal and lingual side, this looks just awesome and so smooth. I also like the refill system.

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